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Determination of products and Organization quality development
included continuous improvement for responding to customer’s requirement.

B.P. Products & Supply Co., Ltd.

To be a leading manufacturer & distributor of Fiber Reinforced Polyester (FRP) related

products & services in Asia within 5 years

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Fiberglass Translucent Roof


Fiberglass translucent roof is Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester or FRP. The electric insulation and its high level resistance to rot, heat and chemical confirm the special qualifications.

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Fiberglass Gutter


B.P. Fiberglass Gutter are made of high-quality raw materials, more safety and resistance to heat and UV radiation together with making product strength, durable, long-lived with no rust. They can be produced to conform all group of customer’s requirement.

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Fiberglass Dome


Fiberglass Dome can be delicately produced in all designs i.e. circle shape-square base, square shape-square base, circle shape-circle base, pyramid shape-square base, capsule shape etc. Together with some identity designs such as art and decoration that Fiberglass Domes can be appropriately with all types of building.

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Ventilator & Fiberglass Ventilator Base


Nowadays, there are continually rising level of Greenhouse Gases cause the Climate Change in Global Warning that mean a gradual increase in the average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere. One choice of reducing the emission of Greenhouse Effects is changing to use green energy i.e. solar energy, wind power etc. Fiberglass Ventilator Base and Ventilator is one of the natural wind power using in air ventilation system for buildings, habitation, factory, somewhere else that installed heat generating machines or for reducing in electricity power usages and expenditure from using air conditioning or fan in the buildings.

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Fiberglass Made-to-Order


As a result of our more than 35 years experience in Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) give us fulfilled knowledges and experiences to create and make to order per all customer requirements. Including to some unique designs such as artworks and decorations. Our raw materials are high quality in safety and resistance to heat and UV radiation with no rust. By all means cause products to be better strength and long-lived.

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Leakage Protection


B.P. Company has provided Leakproof Coating Service for roofs, gutters, terraces, wells, chemical containers, steel pipes etc. We delicately select to use non - leakage materials, German Technology Product, more than 10 year-lifetime. Our Teams specialized in Leakproof Coating Service, all were trained and certificated by Henkel (Thailand) Company, who is the leadings international sealant producer and supplier.

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Installation & Service


B.P. Products & Supply Co., Ltd

B.P. Products & Supply Co., Ltd.


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